Sat 7th May - Sun 8th May, 2005

Ty Powdwr

Ian McCallum, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Chris Thicket, John Castick, Dave Dillon, James Richardson, Trish Cranston, Duncan Lee

Guest: John Warburton


To say it was a shock that I was 'meet leader' for this one was an understatement but I resolved to make sure that the hut manager was also in attendance. A task that was difficult to accomplish due initially to my own inability to get out of bed but latterly by having to awaken James from the land of the dead, or terminally hung-over in his case. We finally made it to the hut in time for the free lunch which had been prepared by eager beavers who had already toiled away all morning at a variety of tasks.

As my penance I got to spend the afternoon on the roof of the hut armed with a sealant gun. In the meantime Chris furtled away in his hobbit hole occasionally popping up through the skylight for a chat while Wavey conducted a master class in dry stone walling. JC did the sheep out of a job by strimming the grass and numerous other jobs were ticked off the list by others.

On the Sunday JC continued to strim the grass whilst the rest of us treated ourselves to a day in the hills and boy was it cold! Chris and Ian had an enjoyable stroll up Elidir Fawr whilst James, Warby and I went to the quarries and did Combat Rock and Rhyfewlr before cleaning and climbing a new route to the right, Teenage Kicks (E4 6a). All in all a good day despite the snow/hail showers. God knows what Wavey got up to!

Duncan Lee

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