Sat 7th Sep, 2013

Last of the Summer Wine

Al Metelko

In the end, there were no takers for this meet, not really surprising as it took a great deal of time and effort to get my town bike and two heavy panniers up the Pennine Way. A cold night, the grouse and the boy racers on the Woodhead ensured I had an awful night’s sleep. By 11am the next day no one had turned up to the annual Laddow meet and so I started to make preparations to depart. James (Williams) arrived half an hour later and he led Pillar Ridge after which we brewed up in the cave. I had to leave as I wasn’t sure what the route to Chew was going to be like. I dragged the bike through knee deep mud and it was only when I reached the reservoir that I could actually get on the bike and use pedal power.

Virginia Castick, Iain McCallum, Dave Pearson and Trish Cranston walked up to the crag but I managed to miss them all.

Al Metelko

Meet Promo:

The plan is very simple and not to use private or public transport.

Cycle out of Manchester to the Peak on the TPT.

Head up to the cave at Laddow for an overnight bivi.

Scoff tea and cake that the day trippers bring on Sunday.

Cycle back to Manchester

Meeting point Reddish Vale 4pm – Also at points on the Fallowfield loop from 3pm. Please use the Add Me if you wish to attend.

Al Metelko

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