Fri 10th Jan - Sun 12th Jan, 2014

Ty Powdwr - Winter Meet

Emily Pitts

Members: Emily Pitts Meet Leader, Emma Timmis, Steve Graham, Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Laura Collier, Christine Beeston, Stuart Hurworth, Lucie Crouch, Gareth Williams


Saturday 11th
The whole crew, bar Lucie, Gareth & Stuart took a breathtaking walk and scramble up Crib Goch to Snowdon.  Underfoot there was snow across most of the ridgeline and up to the summit making the ascent one that was packed with fun and interest.  Along the way we witnessed some interesting short-roping of someone seemingly without a head for heights, who was using crampons for the first time – a reminder to try out new gear before a challenging route. 

Andy, ever the gear geek, romped across the ridge like a mountain goat in his new micro spikes.

The sun shone bright all day giving a number of us our first sight of the Brocken Spectre phenomenon, which Dave Wylie aptly captured at just the right moment. 

After lunching at the Snowdon Summit, the group took a long and undulating descent to arrive late afternoon in Llanberis. 

Lucy and Gareth had fun times in the slate quarries, ticking off a few routes and scoping out new projects for 2014. 


Sunday 12th
Another dry day, one of very few this winter, saw the same crew plus Stuart H take an exciting scramble up the north ridge of Tryfan, taking in The Cannon and summiting fairly promptly to make the day a short one. 

At the summit, the weather was marginally more inclement than on the lower slopes, with the winds catching our breaths and our sandwiches, removing them to loftier climes.  Icy rimes led to prevarication about descent route, but once the decision was made we made fast progress to the foot, with much merry talk about getting a piano/ keyboard for the hut to enable us to have a singsong of an evening or even a Sing-a-long Meet!  If anyone has a spare keyboard…

A great meet with good food, fabulous company and in a beautiful place.  What more could you want from a winter meet?

Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

There is currently no plan hatched for this meet, however the following will definitely feature highly:

  • Cake
  • Good food
  • Excellent company
  • Walking up some hills
  • Winter climbing (if there are favourable conditions)
  • Bouldering

This will all take place in the KMC club hut near to Llanberis.  Set in the stunning hills of Wales, the hut is situated away from hustle and bustle, with direct access to some of Wales’ most beautiful mountains and lakes.  If the weather is fine, there is the opportunity to tick off some bolted slate routes, or if too cold for this, then a bracing walk up Tryfan in the nearby Ogwen valley is an option of many.  Keep your eye out for the forecast and bring your axes and crampons if it looks like snow.   

This would be a splendid meet for anyone wishing to escape the city for a weekend and meet familiar or new faces with whom to undertake some interesting winter outdoor escapades.  Meet leader will be cooking a hearty soup or two, plus a meal on Saturday evening, with a delicious home-made dessert or two to finish it off. 


Any questions, please email meet leader Emily Pitts -


Emily on Crib Goch (Dave Wylie)
Christine on Crib Goch (Dave Wylie)
Into the mist on Crib Goch (Dave Wylie)
Andy puts his best foot forward (Dave Wylie)
Garnedd Ugain scramble (Dave Wylie)
On Garnedd Ugain (Dave Wylie)
Brocken Spectre (Dave Wylie)
Emma scrambling (Dave Wylie)
Christine scrambling (Dave Wylie)
Andy on the cannon (Dave Wylie)
Emily on the cannon (Dave Wylie)
Emma on the cannon (Dave Wylie)
Dave and Christine at the start of Crib Goch (Andy Stratford)
The team on the ridge (Andy Stratford)
Emily a Cheval (Andy Stratford)

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