Fri 22nd Aug - Mon 25th Aug, 2014

Ty Powdwr - Wild Swimming Meet

Michelle Harvie

Wild Swim – Siabod Shiver & Michelle & Marks 20 years together party


Present: Midge Castick, Dave Wylie, Christine Beeston, Jo Stratford, Kirsten Mundt, Laura Collier, Dave Shotton, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, Tim Howarth, Laura Bond, Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, Lorna Marsland and David


Saturday 22nd August 2014
We caught the 10.35 bus to Plas y Brenin.  The rain started as we got off the bus to meet Lorna and David who had very gallantly come down just for the day’s entertainment.

A very short walk brought us to the shore of Llynau Mymbyr (195 m). The cold air temperature, rain and 13.8 oC water temperature was quite a contrast to the warmth of the bus.  However this did not deter eight swimmers.  First in was Dave S, closely followed by Kirsten, Christine, Laura, Tim, Trish, Midge, Michelle.

After a quickish change in our respective Personal Changing Cubicles (PCC) we set off following the south side of Afon Llugwy and ascended Siabod passing Llyn y Rhos and heading for the atmospheric Foel Quarry (495m).  Eleven swimmers took the interesting scramble down to this beautiful pool which was 13.2 oC.  Mark was first in (which is most unusual), closely followed by Dave S, Kirsten, Michelle, Christine, Laura, Tim, Trish, Midge, Al and Lorna.  More rain followed (spot the pattern here!), and after a quick lunch we scrambled up the East ridge of Moel Siabod.  A descent to the Pen y Gwryd hotel, unfortunately bypassing 2 lovely lakes below Moel Siabod due to time constraints – maybe next time.  We had time for a quick drink in the PYG before the bus was due at 5.35pm.  As it turned out we would have had time for a few rounds as the bus finally arrived at 6.00pm.  For information the Pen y Pass bus service is notoriously unreliable now, but there are always enterprising cab drivers waiting at the bus stops to take you where you need to go.  Apologies to Jim and Sandy that we did not meet up.  Having been deterred from Ogwen by driving rain they attempted to join us.  Unfortunately we were even slower than they had predicted, so they remained ahead of us all day, despite waiting for us, for nearly an hour at times.  Not sure we managed 70 minutes of cold water swimming or 70 swims between us to mark the clubs 70th year, but we definitely managed at least 70 oooohs.

Other Saturday activities: Colin & Mary, Robert & Andy climbed at Tremadog. Lucy & Gareth climbed in the quarries


Sunday 23nd August 2014
Colin & Robert climbed on Dinas Cromlech. Trish and Al ascended  Pen yr Ole y Wen at Ogwen. Bridget and Carys walked the entire length of the Glyders. Roger and Owen went down hill mountain biking, without too many mishaps. Jo and Andy had a local walk. Michelle & Mark & our guests Louise & Chris Gorman and dog Freya walked up Moel Eilio. Jim, Sandy, Kirsten, Dave W, Mark Ashley and Midge scrambled up Cloggy and came back down to Pen y Pass. Lucy & Gareth climbed in the quarries

Sunday night – Party time
The evening kicked off with some bubbly.  Our 46 party goers (all listed in the hut log book) made a great job of eating the vats of chilli and numerous puddings.  Then Andy hit the deck to start the disco at 9.00.  There were lots of great keen dancers, notably Sabina who managed to dance continually from 9.00 pm until 2.00 am.

Awards for the night go to:

  • Andy for another fantastic set.
  • The KMC for a true collective effort to produce vats of chilli and lots of puddings.
  • Kirsten for coming all the way from Basel.
  • Roger who narrowly beat Craig for the dad dancing prize.
  • Gabriella for having far too much energy.


Monday 24nd August 2014
There was lots of tidying up done – much appreciated.  Many headed off home. Michelle, Mark, the Marsdens and Cath, Jeremy, Gabriella & Kate, and my guest Ed Gamble headed down to Lake Padarn for a swim (Michelle, Cath, Jeremy, Gabriella). Trish and Al had launched the inflatable canoe and enjoyed a paddle on Padarn.  Well at least Trish seemed to be while Al was reclining in the rear seat.

Thanks to all who came for the weekend. Thanks to the swimmers, walkers and photographers who made the grey, showery wild swim day so enjoyable.  Thanks to all for making the effort to come and helping us celebrate 20 years together and make this such a fun weekend.  A big thanks to Lester for turning up as he thought there might be someone at the hut – not sure he expected 45 others
We both thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and hope everyone else did too.


Michelle Harvie

Meet Promo:

Bank Holiday Swim-Walk and Anniversary “Do”                                                          


Fancy a long bank holiday weekend in the sun with good company, a gentle walk, the odd cooling dip, followed by dancing the night away? You now know where to come.

Saturday is the planned day for the swim-walk, either over the Glyders or Snowdon, yet to be decided. Since it  is the clubs  70th  anniversary year  let’s see if we can achieve 70 minutes of cold water swimming or even 70 swims between us? I daresay we can manage 70 “oooohs”. If you never tried swimming in some of the most stunning locations, you don’t know what you are missing. Recommended kit; any bathing suit or shortie wet suit, river shoes for getting in, swimming hat, towel or personal changing  cubicle, a hot drink, and warm clothes.

Sunday will no doubt offer a range of impromptu member-led activities, but make sure you are all back at Ty Powdwr in good time, as we need you to help us celebrate 20 years since we met. Sound a bit like a party – we certainly hope so. We will provide a communal meal (donations to Llanberis mountain rescue). We will need  to know if you want a meal by Wednesday August 20th at the latest, otherwise please fend for yourself.

A certain well-known club DJ has very kindly offered his services to help things go with a swing, jive, waltz, or free-style.


……and Monday? It may just start a bit late.


Please contact Michelle if you want more info about the swim-walk. To book in for the party meal on Sunday night please contact mark or  michelle.

michelle.harvie@manchester,   daytime number tel: 0161 291 4410   07887 696003

Final plea, from Mark. To help things go smoothly, can everyone who comes please commit to doing their fair share of washing & drying up, plus hut cleaning before departing. Personally I don’t fancy spending 2 hours on Monday tidying up after everyone  - so how about 15 minutes each?          

We hope you can come.                                                                               Michelle and Mark

Michelle Harvie

Midge in her flowery swimming cap (Dave Wylie)
Entering Llynnau Mymbyr (Dave Wylie)
Michelle swimming in Llynnau Mymbyr (Dave Wylie)
Mark diving into the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Ooh its cold (Dave Wylie)
KMC swimmers in the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Kirsten swimming in the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Michelle swimming in the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Michelle Trish and Al in the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Bathing Beauties in the quarry pool (Dave Wylie)
Kirsten and Sandy on Eastern Terrace (Dave Wylie)
Sandy on Eastern Terrace (Dave Wylie)
Kirsten on Eastern Terrace (Dave Wylie)

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