Sat 20th Sep - Sun 21st Sep, 2014

Anniversary working meet

Laura Collier

Members: Laura Collier, Roger Dyke, Dave Wylie, Tim Howarth, Dave Shotton.

Guests: Laura Bold


The hut received a thorough fettling, inside and out: kissing gate rehung, the path and sump refilled, drainage cleared, windows inspected, varnished and filled, walls filled, gutters checked and cleared, health and safety checked, storage in order, signs to be replaced.  Sally even made a contribution adding a hump to the top track to protect it from the rain on the Sunday when the weather was glorious and we managed to get a bit of climbing in too!  Gareth and Colin teamed up and Gareth achieved mastery of Flashdance.  James Meakin met Roger, Dave W and I climbing locally on a busy Australia.  Dave S went shopping to replace his rack and Tim and Laura may have been seen tracking down geo caches somewhere in Snowdonia or climbing on Idwal.  Thanks for your great efforts team.

Laura Collier

Meet Promo:

Welcome to the third and last working meet of the year.

There are a few jobs, the heavy metal walkway gate has somehow come adrift and while usable needs re-hanging.  There are a couple of holes in the plaster of the top left ceiling to repair, and a shelf unit to be constructed in the members dorm.

There is also the small task of insulating the dorms which I would love to get done before the winter to see if we can reduce condensation and damp.  There is no set plan for this though the hut heating and ventilation group have had some ideas, so any expertise welcome.

Please get in touch ASAP to discuss.

Laura Collier

Barrowing the bulk (Roger Dyke)
Fitting the blocks (Roger Dyke)
New Hingepin (Roger Dyke)
Resetting the gutters (Roger Dyke)
Cleanup (Roger Dyke)
Happy Working Party (Roger Dyke)
Dave at The Sidings (Roger Dyke)
Laura at The Sidings (Roger Dyke)
James Meakin at The Sidings (Roger Dyke)

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