Sun 19th Jan, 2014

Stubbys Backyard (Episode 1)

Jim Gregson

Members:  Virginia Castick, Laura Collier, Roger Dyke, Mark Garrod, Jim Gregson, Sandy Gregson, Kate Harvey, Michelle Harvie, Iain McCallum, Peter Walker(detached), Dave Wylie.


KMC Year 70 has kicked off wet and gloomy - and 19 January started so "dreich" that some of these perspicacious members actually donned their overtrousers and waterproof jackets before they had even left home!

Undaunted and in true Stubbsian spirit the party strode off at a fair lick from Pym Chair to hasten over Cat's Tor towards Shining Tor.  For the sake of the more venerable members the Meet Leader reined back the front chargers to a more sustainable pace.  Reward came as the rain stopped, cloud lifted and "Thar she blows!" - Shutlingsloe loomed in the distance, obviating the need for any of that map reading malarkey.

As we drew abreast of the first cafe, Roger and Virginia struck off to starboard to pull first into the tearoom warmth then took a variant via Lamaload.  Meanwhile somewhere astern, Peter Walker was forging a lone furrow after his initial decision to take a raincheck at breakfast-time was set aside as the day brightened and he  rushed out to join our homage to Stubby - a good case of "Len and the Art of Mountain Maintenance".  However, such was the time gap to the main party that Peter only made contact with the Meet Leader via an early evening phone call, and in so doing won his tick.

Undeterred by wet ground and cheered by watery sunshine, the other KMC stalwarts pushed on via Macclesfield Forest to pull stiffly up the awkward steps on to Shutlingsloe before dropping into the eastern lee for a lunch stop unbattered by wind (external!).

The whole of the Peak now revealed itself.  Down then into Wildboarclough, then briskly up through Cumberland Brook and Danebower Hollow to reach the Cat and Fiddle.  Here the puritan ethic was temporarily suspended while the party repaired to the log-burning public bar for tea, coffee or beer to personal preference.  Soon enough though, loins were regirded and we strode out in the direction of Stakeside before dropping into the Stygian depths of Shooters Clough to bypass Errwood Hall ruins.

That left the final uphill draw alongside Foxlow Edge passing the Spanish Shrine to reach The Street climbing out of the Goyt.  Here we met Roger capturing a few final photographs before departing for home.

The day had redeemed itself from a very unpromising start and Mr Stubbs was probably smiling sublimely down on us, reflecting on how the KMC continues to wend its way from its distant nativity back in 1944.  A good effort.  The Meet Leader was gratified to have splendid company for the outing.


Jim Gregson

Meet Promo:

Kick off 2014, the KMC's 70th Year by turning out (twice - see Feb) in memory of Founder Member Len Stubbs, a lifelong devotee of the Peak District, to cover some of his favourite terrain.This first walk gives a figure of eight outing which should remind many members of numerous meets which Len hosted from Kettleshulme.


Route  -- Start from Pym Chair carpark, 2km S of Windgather Rocks at GrRef SJ995768, going to  Cats Tor then Shining Tor. Descend SE then follow track to reach A537 road at cafe 1km NW of Cat & Fiddle. Opposite cafe, a stile is used to access permissive path (not shown on older maps) which drops into Chest Hollow to join RoW path near Torgate Farm. Head SW dropping into Clough Brook to meet Wildboarclough road at GrRef SJ982714. Then steeply up c.400m of tarmac in Quiet Lane to gate at corner of Macc. Forest.Take track along upper edge of forest for 1.5km to small gate where RoW leads SE across Piggford Moor to final sharp ascent to top of Shutlingsloe.

Drop off Shutlingsloe to E, then down fields past Banktop and go NNE on track to Clough House carpark GrRef SJ987699. Go E up Cumberland Brook track then just after top gate bear N up through Danethorn Hollow to climb up to main track heading obviously to Cat & Fiddle. After very short stride on tarmac, bear R onto track then join Stakeside track NNE towards Goyt Valley. After 2km go L through small gate to drop into Shooters Clough, then down towards Errwood Hall. Do not go all way to Hall ruins, but contour L behind hill, cross stream then enter clough below Foxlow Edge (signed). Path climbs uphill, passing the Spanish Shrine to rejoin The Street ( minor road coming up from the Goyt) for one final kilometre to regain Pym Chair carpark.

Distance - c.21km (but shorter options for half walk to be done if you feel there is more descent and reascent than you can face in January, or just want a shorter day).

Meet at Pym Chair at 0915 for very prompt start at 0930. Best map OL24 The Peak District -White Peak area. Bring head torch, just in case. Try not to dawdle.

All welcome.


Jim Gregson

Michelle and Mark at the morning tea stop (Dave Wylie)
Laura and Kate at the morning tea stop (Dave Wylie)
Lunch on Shutlingsloe (Dave Wylie)
Passing Paraglider (Dave Wylie)
Laura Iain and a paraglider (Dave Wylie)
The KMC Regrouping (Dave Wylie)
Michelle Iain and Kate at Shooters Clough (Dave Wylie)
Michelle in the Spanish Shrine (Dave Wylie)
The Spanish Shrine (Dave Wylie)
The "A" Team returns:  on time, all together, everyone present and correct... (Roger Dyke)

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