Fri 30th Jan - Sun 1st Feb, 2015

Ty Powdwr Burns Night

Graham Haslehurst

Members: Graham Haslehurst, Dan O’Brien, Tim Howarth, Gareth Williams, Lucie Crouch, Lester Payne, Mark Pilling, Heather Driscoll, Max Driscoll, Sue Brooke, Peter Hughes, Andy Stratford, Jo Stratford, Dave Wylie, Philippa Maye, Jim Symon, James Williams,

Guests: Jo Perry, Laura Bond, James Alexander, Nick Adamson, Katy Cairns, Tasha Lucas, Sam Crabb, Yvonne Holland, Annes Lambert, Dave Lambert, Richard, Ashfeen, Will Johnson


The hills action was a little mixed in approach on the Saturday.  One or two braved the wilds of Indy wall, while the more relaxed and less outgoing headed out to get some ice routes in.  Or should that be the other way round?  Andy and Jim tackled a couple of routes together, as did James and Nick.  Despite the slightly sparse conditions no one had an epic.  Graham, Dave, Jo and Laura headed to the Glydr Forest to go geocaching.

This year's meet was sell out.  Haggis, neeps and tatties were cooked with great collaborative flair as usual.  The tasting was particularly good this year with five cask strength whiskies aged 10, 12, 14, 16 and 25 years!  After some careful consideration and some reasoned debate nobody could come to a firm conclusion as to which was the favourite as they were all so good.  All in all £36 was raised for mountain rescue.

Sunday's activity was a walk up Moel Siabod by Dave Wylie, Yvonne Holland and Annes Lambert.  An interesting snowy scramble up Daear Ddu (the SE ridge) to find superb views from the summit, then back down the NE ridge.  Meanwhile Graham and Jo got in a quick walk at Castell Dinas Bran overlooking worlds end with a spelling binding sunset.

All that is left to ask is why did it take the seasoned whisky drinker Dan until Wednesday to shake off his hangover?

Graham Haslehurst

Meet Promo:

Whisky and Haggis at the Hut

Join me for the 3rd (and now) annual haggis dinner and whisky tasting at the hut. Ater a big day out on the hills I'll get the fire on and have a haggis caught / unearthed cooked, ready for dinner. After a filling supper we'll adjourn to the fire side and work our way through several very different whiskies; interspersed with various quotations, words of wisdom about the topic at hand and possibly a film. We'll also toast Jim's birthday. Estimated cost not including hut fees is about £20

If I manage to get enough of a response before December I should be able to get in something pretty special. As always it'll be first come first served and I'll limit numbers to approx 25 (for logistical reasons) but will put together a reserve list. Please let me know by 5pm 23rd January latest if you'd like to join me (although before December would be good) so that I can get appropriate provisions. Also let me know if you'd prefer you haggis caught (meaty) or unearthed (veggie). Obviously this is over 18s only for whisky drinkers. Non drinkers are equally welcome, the film and photos are excellent. The hut is still available for members not taking part in the meet to use, but you should be aware there will be complete take over of the kitchen and living room at various points in the evening (there might be room to squeeze in a few extras to see the photos and films). Finally you should note that this is going to be a seriously good trip.

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Graham Haslehurst

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