Fri 13th Feb - Sun 15th Feb, 2015

Ty Powdwr working meet

Emily Pitts

Members: John Castick, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Lester Payne, Emily Pitts, Dave Wylie.


Firstly, many thanks to John, who very effectively organised almost everything despite Emily and yours truly being Meet Leaders.  Any task that required tools or other items to enable it to be done seemed to have just what was required, and on top of that, John conjured up a sumptuous lunch of soup, cheese, salami, bread, fruit, tea and coffee - not sure how we roused ourselves after that lot to do any work in the afternoon.

John had also generated a list of around 29 tasks that needed doing or at least investigation; I think all bar four got done, and a few more added on top just for good measure.  Very helpfully the sun came out to play on both days, so the outdoor tasks were tackled with enthusiasm by Michelle, Lester and Mark, with Emily, Dave and John generally more internally focussed.  A lengthy discussion involving Emily and Mark with Sally Brown on “track matters” was also held – more on that no doubt at a later date, once the committee and hut trustees have had a chance to discuss the topic.

Some examples of the tasks completed are:

  • Track drainage and maintenance, including gulley clearance near Sally Brown’s caravan – one that could usefully be done every working party meet (Lester, Michelle and Mark)
  • Oven cleaning – great job on this mainly by Emily
  • Kitchen socket re-arrangement – naturally completed by our electrical engineer Dave
  • Various humidity measurements to assist H&V discussions – by John

The team slowly ground to a halt as it got dark, and then made good inroads into a large vat of veggie curry, followed by a large platter of chocolate profiteroles, courtesy of the resident pastry chef Emily.  Conversation or quiet reading was all we could manage after that lot.

Sunday was also very kind, with sunshine from the start.  We all made a leisurely start, and John slowly packed up, had lunch, and departed for home.  The rest of us headed up Elidir Fawr, finding the iced-up scree path onto the ridge a bit of a challenge. However, lovely views from the top, and a less icy descent to the col en route to Y Garn.  M&M had a deadline that evening, so went ahead and descended off Y Garn after lunch toward Nant Peris, and through the quarries.  I believe the others did the same, but in a more leisurely manner, so that it was virtually dark when they got back.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a successful meet.

John, Emily and Mark.

Mark Garrod

Meet Promo:

Could the KMC be your true Valentine or is it simply that "Your Hut Needs You"! It's Ty Powdwr Working Meet time very soon - your chance to give some precious TLC to Ty Powdwr in exchange for a free weekend at the hut and some hearty grub (and CAKE!). You too can get that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something great for the club; the working meet allows members to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the hut, so that we don't have to get contractors in to do the work and increase fees.  The sorts of things that need completing at the forthcoming meet include track and parking area ditch and drain clearance, speed bump assessment, plus miscellaneous and varied kitchen and dorm jobs and cleaning. 

It isn't all hard work.  We also have some fun.  And you'll get the whole of Sunday free after helping out on Saturday, so none of this 'All work, no play', business. If you'd like to come along, we would love to have members, prospective members and guests join the meet to get a feel for the club, so contact either meet leader - Emily: or Mark:  If you're a newbie, you will need to speak to a member to organise keys and access. Thanks and hope to see you there.

Emily Pitts

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