Sun 6th Dec, 2015

Peak District Walk

Bob Kelly

Members: Bob Kelly, Dave Wylie, Roger Dyke, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Andy Stratford Roger Dyke, Lester Payne, Yvonne Holland, Midge Castick and one guest.


It was tipping down when we setting off from the church in Chelmorton.

We headed north east to reach Taddington, crossing the A6 and then over fields to reach High Dale, turning south east to reach Monsal Head for elevenses.  We sat in the rain, but Trish’s chocolate tiffin made up for that.

We now went back down over the viaduct and along the Monsal Trail as far as Cressbrook Mill.  However, Water Cum Jolly dale was flooded.  Despite a demonstration by Al as to how the path could be waded, no one else wanted to follow.  But there is a concessionary path to deal with this eventuality so we took that.

A brief lunch at Litton Mill and then off again along Millers Dale to the entrance to Chee Dale.  If the river was flooded further down the Chee Dale would be a write off.  So we headed off straight up the hill to Blackwell, picking up the Pennine Bridleway back to Chelmorton 14.31 mile by the finish.

Bob Kelly

Meet Promo:

A Walk in the Derbyshire Dales

Set off at 0900Hrs from the Chelmorton Church: map ref SK115703

Take the A515 SE from Buxton then A5270, 2nd minor road on the right into Chelmorton

Plenty of free roadside parking lower in the village.

The route.

Setting off from Chelmorton heading north east to reach Taddington. Crossing the A6 over the fields to reach High Dale.  
Turn south east down High Dale to Brushfield - then over the bridleway to reach Monsal Head.  This should be about time 
for elevenses - so there is a tea shop or bring your own.

We drop back down over the viaduct to pick up the Monsal Trail as far as Cressbrook Mill.  We follow the river to Litton
Mill where we will rejoin the Monsal Trail to Miller Dale.

Back along the river to the start of the Chee Dale nature reserve.  The river is in spate at the moment (Sunday 29th November)
so we'll make a choice here where to chance the mud of Chee Dale or head due south on the footpath to Blackwell, picking up the
Pennine Bridlway back to Chelmorton.

About twelve miles and a moderate pace- so good for a short winter day.


Bob Kelly

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

Lunch stop at Monsal Head (Roger Dyke)
Not that way (Virginia Castick)
OK.Follow my leader (Virginia Castick)
This way (Virginia Castick)

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