Sat 12th Dec - Sun 13th Dec, 2015

Ty Powdwr Xmas Bash

Emily Pitts

Attendees: Emily Pitts, Jasmine Pitts, Rachael Prettyman-Behrens, Jim Symon, Meirion Tanner, Andy Stratford, Dave Shotton, Philippa Maye, Jo Stratford, Dave Wylie, Lester payne, Christine Beeston, Neil Boynton, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Dave Dillon, Michelle Harvie, Ann Waters


Saturday: The team (probably led by Dave Wylie) out up the Christmas decs. For Daves D, W and S, Lester and Emily mostly cooking, food prep and washing up. Weather was absolutely ghastly. Andy and Jim attempted a walk to the top of the quarries but turned back. Philippa, Jo and Michelle arrived back mid-afternoon and helped around the kitchen. Everyone else hung around in the lounge playing games, reading and decorating the Christmas meal menus – nothing like a bit of craft activity to relax into the festive season!

Christine and Neil did the Electic Mountain tour followed by a trip to the Beacon in recognition of the impossible conditions outdoors.

Dave Shotton provided the annual taste sensation that is his speciality mulled wine in advance of being called to dinner.

At 7pm everyone convened by candlelight to tuck into a meal of:
Mushroom pate/ tomato soup
Duck, chicken or spinach, cheese & broccoli torte
Mash, roasted veggies, various sauces

Followed by...
Lots of cake
Lemon drizzle cake
Apple pie
Fresh custard


Sunday: A low-key affair on account of the continued drab and dismal weather.

Jo, Andy and Meirion left before lunch. Philippa and Jim took a turn around some unexplored areas of the quarries. Michelle, Al and Trish had a walk to Moel Eilio in the drizzle.

Back at the hut, Jasmine and Rachael taught the adults the finer points of Uno, with them taking first and second place respectively in a play-off with meet leader, Wavey, Lester and Philippa.

Cleanup finished at 3.30pm – hesded up by Wavey, Dave W and Lester after a bubble and squeak lunch which polished off the last of the food.

Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

Roll up, roll up. It's that time of year again.  The fireworks have sparked and the C word is on the way.  Get away from the madness in December at the annual Christmas Bash - 12-13th. We are in need of 1) some help in the kitchen and 2) people to come and join the fray, so to whet your whistle here's a rough plan/ ideas for food - all home made:

Mulled wine


Mushroom pate with mini cheeses scones

Soup of some description that is delicious with mini scones and butter


Pan fried duck breast or roast chicken breast Or Spinach, cheese and broccoli torte or butternut and broccoli gratin - whichever the veggies prefer


Creamy mash

Braised red cabbage with Apple

Honey glazed roasted vegetables

Apple sauce

Red currant gravy


Dessert ideas:

Lemon tart with crispy homemade pastry and a lime and raspberry coulis Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate orange sauce and clotted cream Poached pears with clotted cream Christmas pudding??


Coffees, teas, aperitifs


So, volunteers to help with this cornucopia of delight are requested.  If you'd like to come along, but don't fancy helping that's ok too - please let me know, so the team can start to plan festivities. 

Looking forward to catching up and eating good food with great people.

Emily Pitts

Emily Pitts

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