Sun 10th Jan, 2016

Lancashire Fell Run

Duncan Lee

Members present: Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Roger Mapleson, Jim Symon and Duncan Lee.


   A select group gathered for a squelch around Rawtenstall with Michelle “this will either kill me or cure me” sounding like death and Jim looking like it after an evening’s whisky drinking with Colin. Will he ever learn?

   As for the run, plan A was changed by popular demand. Thus we set off downhill past the train station where we hoped to catch a glimpse of the visiting Flying Scotsman but all we got to see was the back end of a carriage as the train pulled out moments before we got there. We then began to follow the path along the Irwell towards the next station but were again forced to alter the route. The Boxing Day floods had washed away the path and a bit of the railway embankment!

  The revised “revised” route then took us up paths that looked more like streams as we passed Horncliffe Farm on route to the splendidly named Sandy Beds Lane. We then slogged up onto the snowy moors and followed the Rossendale Way past Waugh’s Well before cutting off eastwards across the morass towards Top of Leach. Much amusement was had when those longer of leg jumped a grough and Michelle was forced to wade knee deep to cross. This however proved to be shallow by comparison to the thigh deep freezing cold bog that I managed to end up in at one point.

   We then looped back through Cragg Quarry before going over the top of Cowpe Lowe from which, for a change, we descended in lovely winter sun rather than driving rain as had been the case in previous years. Once back at the house well-earned soup was provided by Vicky and much appreciated by all. Tea and flapjack rounded things off as Roger looked up the details of the run on a new-fangled gadget and tales were told of “technology” being used in the fell race. I digress. Allegedly we had covered 17.5 Km and done 383 metres of ascent on a rare nice wintery day.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

Once again I'm planning to run the meet from 120 Hardman Avenue in Rawtenstall as long as I'm out of plaster and had the metal work removed from my wrist by then. So all being well the route will be somewhere around the 10 mile mark and will take in a few of the tops in the area and involve a lot of mud unless we have an unseasonal drought or a big freeze. What ever the conditions they'll be a vat of homemade soup waiting at the end of the run so if you can let me know if your planning on coming along it'll guarantee that there's enough for everyone. Who knows, I may even bake something as well but all cakes will be best kept hidden if Jim comes along!

I plan to set off about 11am on the day so doors open about 10.30 for a pre run cuppa whilst getting ready. There may be the option of a shorter route on the day if anyone fancies leading one.


Duncan Lee

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