Wed 9th Apr, 2014

Hobson Moor Quarry (roll-over)

A smashing turnout of fifteen at the first proper meet of the year, with some classic Hobbie routes ticked off.

Members: Emily Pitts, Meirion Tanner, Andy Stratford, Clay Conlon, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie, Koy oi Ding, Mark Ashley, Gareth Williams, Al Metelko

Guests: Nils Elgar, Elliott Brown, Hong Thoong, Charlotte, Innes MacDonald

Mark, Emily and Andy led Pocket Wall (VDiff) with a wide swathe of seconders scooting up after them. Foghorn Groove (VS 4c) was led by Meirion and Andy, plus others remaining anonymous. Meirion led Tighe's arête (E1 5a) seconded by both Emily and Dave W.

Steve's dilemma (E2 6a) was worked elegantly by Gareth and attempted on a second with serious dogging by both Emily and Andy, whose extreme efforts were unrewarded. Gareth soloed Peak Arête (E1, 5a), then led Midnight Variation at HS 4a after Andy backed off.

Clay led Crews Route (VS 4c). The Harp (VS 4b) saw leads from several including Dave W and Mark. Nils led up Epitaph corner (VS 4b).

Meanwhile, prowling around the perimeter of the quarry partaking in the occasional discussion, was Al.

A wonderful evening smattered with occasional bursts of sun, giving us all a taste of what's to come ...... Roll on next week at Pex Hill.

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