Wed 18th Jun, 2014

Shining Clough Rocks

George Williams G, Gaz Phillipson G, Melanie Séverin G, Matt Harrigan G, Bethan Thomas G, Stuart Hurworth M, Dan O'Brien M, Mirella de Jonge G, Matt Harrigan G, Al Metelko M, Emily Pitts M, Agnes Beviz G, Dan Metcalf G, Bron G, Doug G.

A splendid meet at a majestic location, a slightly less than majestic walk-in though, through human-height brash and ankle-breaking holes cheekily hidden by heather.

A very good number for a Wednesday meet at a location that can be described only as esoteric. The weather improved, with a slight wind blowing away the dreadful beasts that blight our beautiful sport, just in time. Topped off with a cracking sunset and superb gritstone.

Two prospective new members arrived a little after the rest of us, Bron and Doug. We didn't get much of a chance to talk. Hopefully we didn't scare you off - hope to see you again soon, if you're reading this!

A great number of prospective new members formed part of this meet, with four members and eleven guests. Great to see so many new faces.

Dan M and Mirella took on east rib in very capable manner, with Dan and al later shimmying up Pisa super direct in fine style. Various other pisa's were also overcome by various others.

Dan O led Phoenix climb vs 4c with composure and grace, followed up by Emily.

Stu gave Stable crack. Vs 4b a run for it's money, with Emily in tow behind.

Everyone else did loads of other routes and we left the crag at around 10.20, arriving back in the dark.

Next week's options were laid out: castle naze, teg's nose and Bamford edge, with the latter rising the victor.

The longest day approaches and our approaches will be reducing hereon in.

See you next week.

Emily Pitts

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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