Wed 25th Jun, 2014

Bamford Edge

Members: Dan O'Brien, Ding, Mark Ashley, Laura Collier, James Williams, Dave Wylie, Helen Boothman, Mark Pilling, Nils Elgar. Guests: Carrie Marr, Conrad Bower, Anna Fournier, Clare Hodgeson, Fruit and Andy(?) sorry didn't get a surname...

Midge Hell for the midsummer Wednesday!

A great turn-out and fantastic enthusiasm considering the number of glade-land filthies swarming around KMC-ers heads wrists and ankles though surprising few people were keen on the suggestion of and overnight bivvi... Loads of ascents including Gargoyle Flake, Neb Buttress, Bamford Wall, Bamford Rib and Browns Crack. After an hour of exsanguination the bulk of the party decided to retreat to the relative safety of the Yorkshire Bridge Inn whilst the hardier souls persevered, donning suitable PPE (midge nets, trousers tucked in socks and copious amounts of DEET) were last seen heading off in the direction of Wrinkled Wall.

In the pub, the candidates for next week were Tegs Nose, Rivelin Edge, Bridestones, Witches Quarry and Ramshaw. Tegs Nose, Rivelin and Bridestones fell at the first hurdle leaving an almost evenly divided vote until Nils jumped ship and swung it for Ramshaw - pack your tape, its Jamming time!

Conrad and I stayed in the pub until closing then headed up to the crag for a well deserved sleep. The midges had also retired for the night leaving us to enjoy a dram of old Scottish medicine before bed. The next morning dawned cool and dry and we bagged ascents of Bamford Wall and Bamford Rib before heading back to Manchester in time for work (and to escape the midges, who also rise early it appears...)


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