Wed 9th Jul, 2014

Wimberry Rocks

“I hope you like Jammin’ too…” – Bob Marley

Members: Helen Boothman. Dan O'Brien, Laura Collier, Koy Oi Ding, Al Metelko, Jim Symon, Stuart Hurworth, Meirion Tanner, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Simon Robertshaw.

Guests: Andy Pierce, Bron Edwards, George Williams.

Oh how clever we all thought voting for Wimberry in the comfort of the pub last week. Half-way up that bloody hill it certainly didn’t feel like such a good idea… The crag however was, as ever, superb. Wimberry, is one of the finest crags in the peak district and would probably be one of the most popular if it didn’t face north, sit at the top of a massive hill and the rough grit-stone cracks, for which the place is renowned, didn’t maul you so mercilessly. Even with so many obvious flaws, the density of heavily starred routes means that any group will certainly find something worthwhile to do.

Another admiral turnout for a sunny Wednesday evening – although the crag was, as always, in the shade. Simon performed admirably for his first climb in six-months by arriving by walking in barefoot, following Dave up the hardest V.Diff on grit and then walking out barefoot, a feat to match Bilbo Baggins. Andy S led Bertie’s Bugbear (S) which must have been something of a comedown after a month in the Andes but he got stuck into those green slimy jams all the same. Later whilst following Ornithologists Corner (VS) he managed to get a jam so stuck that it almost needed a nut-key to remove it. In an attempt to share the suffering, Andy lent his harness to Jim (who had neglected to pack it for his long hike from Mossley) only to have Jim cruise up the steep jamming.

There were loads of ascents of Route 1 (HS) and Route 2 (VS) (imaginatively named adjacent cracks) whilst Helen and Andy P moved quickly and competently about the crag ticking Herringbone Slab (HVS), Pinball Wizard (E1) and attempting Charm (E3) but backing off at the crux pebble deciding that on this occasion, discretion was the better part of valor. Helen’s description of the upper section from a top rope confirmed what a good decision this was! Meirion, borrowing every large cam at the crag, set about the vicious off-width of Freddie’s Finale (E1). After flaying both fists on the initial section he decided to try to “out-technical” it by embarking on a fancy (and successful) sequence involving high feet and lay-backing. After trying everything to avoid seconding (Ding and Laura had a good go but the crux eluded them) I was forced to tie on and re-open all the scars from Ramshaw that had only just healed.

In the pub, after a complex round of voting count-backs for tie-breaks we were left with a choice between Millstone and Castle-Naze. Once again Millstone lost out... Maybe we can have an organised meet there next year?


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