Wed 28th Jul, 2010


Attendees: Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Peter McNulty.

It was third time lucky for Heptonstall on the 28th, following bad weather which had put (nearly) everyone off for the previous two planned visits. The last of the day's showers blew past just as Andy and Dave arrived - but the rock was completely dry. Peter turned up soon afterwards and was pleased to see that he was not the only attendee this time - unlike on July 14th, when he was on his own and just got some bouldering done. Andy led "Fairy Steps" (HS, 4b) and "Curving Crack" (VS, 4c). Peter did "Trepidation" (VS, 4c). Dave just stuck to seconding. There were also three other, non KMC, climbers and a few locals out for their evening walks. An excellent evening's climbing, presumably the reason that there weren't more people in attendance was because all the other regulars are out in the Alps.

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