Wed 24th Jun, 2009


An incredible turnout for this midweek meet!

Dave Dillon, Al Metelko, James and Kasia Hoyle, Dave Wylie, Trish Cranston, Andy Grantham, Christine Stark, Pete Kosowski, Vanja, Jess, Amy, Zubber Nabi, Tom Makin, Chris Williams, Bob Kelly, Alex, Paul, Kate, Martin Heaton, Joanne Castick.

After bad weather on the 17th resulted in the meet being postponed, the conditions on the 24th were superb. Warm, with lots of lovely evening, sunshine, but a bit of an Easterly breeze to cool off the leaders when they set up belays at the top of the crag. The crag was extremely busy, with many other parties and at least three goups of youngsters (including the Girl Guides that Joanne was leading). The routes climbed by the KMC were, in many cases, selected simply by them being the only un-occupied ones at the appropriate time! These included: Heather Face (HD) Nose Direct (HVD) Traditional (HS, 4a) Aged Crack (S, 4a) Struggle (VS, 4c) Squashed Finger (HVD) Centre (HVD, 3c) Director (VS, 4c) etc., etc.

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