Wed 9th Sep, 2009

Troy Quarry

Attednees: Dave Dillon, Peter McNulty, Dave Wylie, Jane Atkinson, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, Jo and Mark Furniss, James and Kasia Hoyle, Alex Cropper, Tom Makin, Mike Freeman, David Russell, Chris Williams.

Following two weeks of awful Wednesday weather (Hurricane Bill on August 26th and Tropical Storm Danny on September 2nd) the evening of the 9th turned out to be superb. Clear skies, sunshine and only a very light breeze. All the usual classic Troy routes were climbed, (the "Siamese Twins", "Overlooked Crack", "Rapunzle", etc., etc.). Jane did her second ever outdoor lead, which was cleanly up "Open Sesame". Well done! Climbing continued until it was going dark, then most of the team snuck into the local pub for a swift drink and the debate about where to go next week.

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