Wed 7th Oct, 2009

Broadbottom Quarry

It was too wet to get out on September 30th, so the meet was deferred to the first week of October. Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Dave Dillon, Christine Stark and Dave Wylie all turned out for this last "daylight" evening meet of the year. It was, of course, dark by the time the team finished. Everyone climbed "Chapel Crack", with leads by Al and Dave W. The top of this route was an overgrown, loose and dangerous bank of earth and rubble. Major thanks to Dave D. who acted as a very patient in-situ (or, perhaps, in-shrubbery?!) belayer for both these ascents. Trish, Al and Christine also went up "The chute" - which was described as being more "interesting" than expected. The crag is not in a very nice state and could do with a major clean up. However, this would require agent orange and some large earth-moving machinery to make any impact... The post-meet pub had some good beer, but also could have done with a bit of a refurbishment!

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