Wed 18th Apr, 2007

Pule Hill

[ pule\PYOOL\, intransitive verb:To whimper; to whine. ]

A fine, but breezy (particularly at the top of the crag, where it got quite chilly!) evening. Keen Richard, Gordon, Wavey Dave, Roger, Midge, Joanne, Loretta, James and Dave W. all turned out and plenty of routes were climbed - including "Amen", "Flying Buttress", "Coffin Corner", "Blind Buttress", "Overhanging Arête", etc., etc. The usual discussion at the Pub (the "Great Western") about the next venue was interrupted when a random stranger's car wouldn't start. The Landlord thought that the tough climbing types would be strong enough to push start it... Fortunately this theory didn't need to be put to the test, as one of the KMC team saved the day with a set of jump-leads.

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