Wed 25th Apr, 2007


A good turnout this evening, including:

Dave D., Roger Daley, Midge, Joanne, Al, Mark, Gordon, Andy, Duncan, Beaker, Vicky, Dave W., Loretta and Ann.

The weather was cloudy but there was no real rain, only a mere hint of moisture in the air at one point. Some people stuck to the few available lower grade climbs but others, in one case sustained by a "Traditional Lancashire diet of Cheese and Nails", tackled a selection of the harder routes. The grading of some of the routes was questioned, such as First Finale (allegedly E2, 5c) and Plain Bob (allegedly S, 4a), with the former being easier than the guidebook said and the latter being rather devoid of protection for a mere Severe! Plenty of other routes gave good entertainment; Edipol! (HS, 4b), Nightmare (VS, 4b), Metamorphosis (VS, 4c), plus several of the shorter, easier climbs.

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