Wed 8th Aug, 2007

Rob's Rocks (Chew Valley)

Another fine, warm and sunny evening in the Chew Valley.

Chris Williams, Richard Yorke, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, James Hoyle, Kasia Hoyle, Trish Cranston, James Richardson and Loretta all made the trek up the track to Rob's Rocks.

Antics included: Letter-Box (Hard Diff) even though, surprisingly, there was no Postman! Cave Crack (Hard Severe) in various curious styles Ylnosd Rib (V-Diff) which provided much amusement Zacharias (V-Diff) Cascade (Severe) which, with only one decent nut, required a diversion to top out. The post-meet pub was "The Clarence", for the second week in a row.

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