Wed 22nd Apr, 2015

Blackstone Edge

Members: Stevie Graham, Helen Boothman, Dan O'Brien, Paul Evans, Mark Garrod, Mark Ashley.

Guests: Matt Harrigan.


Fine weather and the prospect of getting to walk on an ancient Roman road were sufficient enticement for a small band of intrepid adventurers to make the short hike up from the Whitehouse pub to Blackstone Edge.  Unfortunately, we were rather oversold on the provenance of the roads and it turns out that rather than being Roman, it is actually an 18th century turnpike.

What have these Romans ever done for us anyway?

Pendulum Swing (VS) saw ascents from Helen and Matt, ably followed by Mark G and Stevie respectively.  Paul might even have snapped some suitable shots for the new Lancashire guidebook, assuming there is a market for pictures of people grinding their faces along some of the roughest gritstone in the peak on the traverse section...  After some half-hearted bouldering around on the bottom of Little Miss Id and deciding that discretion was the better part of valour Dan tied on for a go on the attractively named Mangler (VS) which extracted its pound of flesh from the back of his hands before forcing a retreat. 

On the boulders, Dan and Helen climbed Trig Slab (F6a) and Trig Arête (F6b+) and something else up and right (about F6b) that I couldn’t find on the net while Mark and Mark got stuck into Central Crack (VD) and Matt and Stevie climbed Outside Edge (VS).

As the sun set, the pub beckoned.  Dan, enthusiastic for more bouldering nominated Bridestones, Helen put forward Woodhouse Scar and Matt suggested Frodsham.  Even Matt’s description of Frodsham as green, highball and terrifying was not enough to garner any support and Woodhouse won in a unanimous second round vote.  A short walk-in, compact gritstone and the furthest North Matt has ever been – look out Halifax, we’ll see you next week.


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