Wed 1st Jul, 2015

Ramshaw Rocks

Members: Emily Pitts, Andy Stratford, Stevie Graham Guest: Evan Holdsworth

I can't remember climbing in heat like this in the UK before - certainly not in the evening. There was a bit of wind so the midges were just about tolerable. Andy led Emily up Phallic Crack HVD 4a, Steve then arrived and led Battle of the Bulge at VS 4b followed by both. Newcomer Evan arrived and we moved to the lower tier where he despatched Prostration at HVS 5b in fine style, followed in descending order of style by Andy and Steve!

Emily had a look at Crab Walk but didn't fancy it and the midges were worst here where there was less wind so we made our way up to the Boomerang sector - Emily led the eponymous route (Vdiff) without difficulty followed by Andy while Steve tackled a lead on nearby Bowrosin VS 4c. As Evan & Steve packed up Andy decided on Watercourse HS 4b ''the long groove is rarely travelled but is just about worthwhile when dry''.

'Esoteric'' was Andy's summary

''Bloody stupid'' according to Emily.

We voted for Castle Naze next week then drove home with a full, orange yellowy moon then into one of the most incredible lightning storms I have ever seen - but not one clap of thunder......

Andy Stratford

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