Sat 12th Nov, 2016

Roaches Bouldering/Run

Emily Pitts

Emily Pitts M

James Meakin M

George Williams M

Dave Wylie M

Alex Tedstone G


Delayed by a day owing to the terrible forecast on the Saturday, we met up in sunshine at the roaches. Alex enjoyed his first outdoors lead at his first KMC meet, Prow Cracks (Diff), with George, who then went on to lead Maud's Garden (HVD), Prow Cracks (variation) (HVD, 4a). 

James, Dave and I started off looking at the green slimy selection of low grade routes on upper tier and ended up on the Bowden Black classic Maud's Garden (HVD) led by Dave and follow up by both James and me.  From there we moved on to look over Right Route, but decided against it on the basis of the dampness and incongruent conditions. Instead we went down and I led Captain Lethargy (HVD) with Dave on the end of the rope.  

James ran up Prow Cracks on second and then led it, with me seconding and Dave thirding. 

After a quick scoot up corner cracks /Prow Cracks, Dave and I packed up. James ran up to find Alex and George to encourage them to cake at the nearby cafe.  

We had some splendid sticky toffee and date cake and tea. The most important part of the meet.  

Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

Peak District Bouldering/ Climbing/ Run

I'm currently out of action for running and bouldering, but will host this meet at the Roaches to allow boulderers, climbers and runners to take their pick in this beautiful area.  I'll be slogging up some Vdiffs, if you want to join the party and hang on the end of a rope.  Newcomers welcome.  Bring a flask of hot tea.  Brownies or cake give you extra brownie points.  

Meet at 10am at the car parking area or 10.30 at the crag - somewhere in the Upper Tier around the Sloth.  

Keep an eye on the scribble and if the weather looks rough, tea and cake somewhere in Manchester after some indoor plastic-pulling are the most likely options.  

Text or email are the easiest way to get hold of me for more information: 07870 360213.  


Emily Pitts

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