Sun 30th Oct, 2016

Walking Meet

Christine Beeston

Buxton to Disley Walk


Members Present:  Christine Beeston, Laura Collier, Roger Dyke, Chris Williamson, Dave Wylie, Victoria Castick, Ann Waters, Phil Ramsbottom, Oi Ding Koy

Guests:  Rosie Williamson, Phil Hewetson, Tom Partington, Tom’s friend Dave, Neil Boynton, Chris and Rosie’s dog.

Right Walk, Wrong Time Zone:  Alan (L) Jones

Intersecting Walk: James Meakin + Bec


The walk was tested on a beautiful day with splendid views in all directions.  Sadly the forecast was not so promising for the meet, but despite that a collection of keen newcomers, members and even Chris Williamson on his decennial KMC meet turned out.

Most of us boarded the train at Disley, meeting Laura who had taken the train all the way from home.  We picked up a few more people in Whaley Bridge, and had a pleasant ride to Buxton.

After a brisk trek out of Buxton, we finally reached the footpath and started ascending into the mist.  We successfully found the head of the Goyt Valley and celebrated with tea and flapjack.  Then we headed out of the valley towards Shining Tor, meeting James walking the other way, and enjoyed the Shining Tor/Cats Tor ridge in thick clag with no views.  Lunch followed just before Windgather, and then we walked along the top of the rocks and down to a lane where Roger, Chris, Rosie and the dog peeled off towards Whaley Bridge.

The last part of the walk was across fields to reach the path into Lyme Park, passing through an entertainingly muddy field then a walk through the woods, past the adventure playground and back into Disley.  Alan attempted to meet us at this point, but unfortunately turned back early, thinking he was making slow progress and must be woefully unfit but actually having forgotten to reset his watch.

Thanks to all who turned out – I hope you get to do this walk again one day with views!

Christine Beeston

Meet Promo:

Buxton to Disley Walk, Sunday 30th October


N.B. Please don’t forget to turn your clocks back the night before the walk!


This is a 14.5 mile walk from Buxton to Disley, dipping into the head of the Goyt Valley, along the Shining Tor/Cats Tor ridge, past Windgather Rocks, and through Lyme Park to Disley. 

The plan is to meet at Disley Station (easy parking, or you can get the 08:56 train from Manchester) in time for the 09:28 Train to Buxton, and then walk back to Disley.

Ask the guard for the cheapest ticket combination – a “duo” return ticket (£11.50) from Disley to Buxton is a lot cheaper than two singles (2*£7.20), and group discounts may be even better.

For those who have had enough by the time we get to Windgather, escaping towards Whaley Bridge, which has a station on the Disley-Buxton line, is an option (approx. 10.8 miles)

This is a really nice walk with (weather permitting) great and varying views.  The start from Buxton station to the start of the footpaths is along roads but then things rapidly improve.  I hope to see some of you there! 

Contact Christine Beeston for more details or if you need to arrange a lift.




Christine Beeston

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

The gloomy elf in All Hallows' Eve. (Oi Ding Koy)
Oh! No, is just the beginning! (Oi Ding Koy)
Dave said cheese. (Oi Ding Koy)
How many man hands in hip? (Oi Ding Koy)
Bypass Windgather. (Oi Ding Koy)
Happy muddy pig in lead. (Oi Ding Koy)
Hop, hop hop Hop! (Oi Ding Koy)
A bit confuse, shall I wet my right feet or left? (Oi Ding Koy)
'Shake to your right!' Dave practise for boogie night. (Oi Ding Koy)
KMC has mice problem. (Oi Ding Koy)

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