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Working Meet - Ty Powdwr

Fri 13th Oct - Sun 15th Oct, 2017

Jared Kitchen

Meet Promo

Are you a member of the KMC who’s never been to a working meet? Us too! So we thought we lead one…


The plan is to meet at ty Powdwr on Friday evening for some beer and some catching up. It'll be good to hear about everyones adventures this summer, and to make plans for Saturday. 

Saturday is maintenance day for Ty Powdwr. Our hut manager, John Kastick, has provided a short list of jobs, with a variety of tasks to suit every willing helper! It would be great to get everything on the list finished and I hope you will all consider coming.

On Saturday evening will be the Ty Powdwr mountain movie night and we’ll have the big screen and projector out for an evening of climbing and mountaineering films. We’ve got a good stash but if you have some particular favourites then please bring them along. The most enthusiastic are guaranteed to have their movie played!! We’ll bring the popcorn, but we’d like to encourage you to bring cake/s too!!! 

Sunday will be for adventures (providing we’ve all worked hard on Saturday!!) because the weather is always sunny in wales on Sundays, and a night of mountain movies has psyched us up a bit.


We hope everyone comes! We’re going to have loads of fun and everybody is welcome. It would really good to see you all. If you have any questions please give us call.


Jared Kitchen and Emily Thompson


PS: The new bunksheets require some preparation before fitting at the meet. They need hemming by some mountaineers skilled with a sewing machine!! If you can help please contact John Kastick. We would be very grateful. Thanks.

Jared Kitchen

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