Club Meet

Working Meet - Ty Powdwr

Fri 10th Mar - Sun 12th Mar, 2017

Philippa Maye

Meet Promo

I'm leading the first of this year's working meets at the hut and am looking for volunteers to help with jobs we have to do to keep our fab hut in tip top condition. If like me, you realise that it's been ages since you've helped out on a working party, or have been meaning to do your bit and never got round to it, then come along... the more the merrier. 

As yet I don't have a definitive list of tasks for the Saturday but what I do know is that there will be the usual free night accommodation and the joys of the surrounding area on the Sunday. Oh, and if that can't tempt you then there will be soup and cake!!

So if you want to be involved feel free to get in touch…my details are in the handbook.

I'll email jobs information nearer the time.

Philippa Maye

Philippa's biohazard protection (Dave Wylie)
Philippa up to her armpit in it (Dave Wylie)
Sue and Gareth up their ladders (Dave Wylie)
Jim and Lucie clearing the ditches (Dave Wylie)