Club Meet

Bouldering for Optimists

Sun 8th Jan, 2017

Daniel O'Brien

Meet Promo

Welcome to 2017!

As usual there are no takers for the first meet of the year so it falls to your esteemed OMS to run it.

We are going to meet at Stanage Plantation car-park at 10:30 for a day of bouldering in the crisp winter sunshine.  In preparation I do not recommend that you read previous meet reports testifying to terrible weather on this meet over the last two years. Instead, put on your best optimism beanie hat, pack a flask, chalk-up and get 2017 off to a flying start.

For those of you of a hiking persuasion the crag-top path of the Edge provides excellent sport so it would be great to see you all too.

Links to more information about the crag can be found here.

All the best and Happy New Year in advance.

Daniel O'Brien

Stanage Plantation.  Dan discovers the drizzle has shrunk his arms (Roger Dyke)
The answer is to do it 'no hands' (Roger Dyke)
Jared demonstrates his non-shrink arms (Roger Dyke)
Let's just use the higher, drier holds (Roger Dyke)
Grand finale.  Meet Leader glides from here to pub. (Roger Dyke)