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Ty Powdwr - Easter Weekender

Thu 29th Mar - Mon 2nd Apr, 2018

Emily Pitts

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Join us for this weekend which will hopefully be filled with glorious sunshine so we can all go climbing. 

Newcomers are very welcome - please email me so we can organise lifts/ keys  

We will make Climbing and walking plans when we’re there, but if you wish to plan in advance, members can contact those who are attending by checking out the ‘add me‘.

I will be arriving some time on Friday - early if the weather is good, with a view to Climbing, or later afternoon if the weather is inclement.  

I’m planning a communal meal on the Sunday which will include a veggie option - I’ll cook if others are happy to wash and clean up. Please add your name to the ‘add me’ and I will email everyone closer to the time to organise who wants what. 

Any questions, email me:  




Emily Pitts

Bernard Stricker
Red Horse
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Dave Wylie
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Attending Meets
Different meets require varying levels of experience and fitness. Please speak to the meet organiser before the meet if you are concerned about any issues with regard to the meet or your ability to participate in the activities proposed. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

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