Mid-week Outdoor Meet

Castle Naze

Wed 3rd May, 2017

Ultra classic natural grit with historic routes
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Members: Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Clay Conlon, James Hall, Duncan Zerafa, James Meakin, Nils Elgar

Guests: James Duthie, Chris Kastavunis, Jack Buczko, Hannah and Tim Elgar

Another good Wednesday turnout at the Naze. The forecast  promised sun and wind but the crag was sheltered and the outlook cloudy with rain threatening but never appearing. A chill descended and the wee beasties stayed away. The KMC team had a super busy evening with successful leads of The Niche (S 4a), Studio (HS 4a) , Pilgrims Progress (HS 4b) , Keep Buttress (HVS 5a), Scoop Face (HVS 5a), The Crack (VS 4b), Nozag (VS 4c), Long Climb (V diff) and Atropine (HS 4b). Final route of the evening was Flake Crack (HS 4b) which Duncan ascended in fading light -  Jack was the lucky second, by now well practised at extracting Duncans nuts from the gloomy cracks after previous performances by headtorch at two other crags had led to headtorch abseil retrieval. A special mention goes to young Hannah Elgar who followed her dad up both VS’s with utter surety.

Eight made the excellent Beehive in Coombs where the honeyed tones of Dave Wylie cast the Pule Hill spell over Running Hill Pits and Alderman Rocks.

Prepare for a border raid next week – Yorkshire it is!

Andy Stratford