Fri 12th Oct - Sun 14th Oct, 2018

Working Meet/Climbing Film Night Extravaganza - Ty Powdwr

Emily Thompson

Jared Kitchen

Volunteers needed! Must possess the following skills:


  1. Eating cake

  2. Drinking beer and/or Whisky

  3. Watching films about climbing and mountaineering

  4. Doing some climbing and/ or mountaineering

  5. Working 50% of the time with 4-5 good breaks to eat more cake


If this is you please contact the working meet leaders...


Working meets are fun! Last year we made cake, watched movies and went climbing (with some work in-between). This year will be just as good. On Friday we will meet at Ty Powdwr for a few beers and catching up. We’re looking forward to hearing about everybody’s summer adventures and plans for the winter. On Saturday we will spend the day looking after our lovely club hut (while taking regular breaks for tea and cake) and on Saturday evening we will set up the big screen for a night in watching mountain movies. On Sunday we will be freed to head out into the mountains on our adventures.


The working meets are essential to maintain Ty Powdwr for the club and its members to enjoy. We rely on the members to help and make every effort to make the working weekends both fun and productive. Every helping hand is greatly appreciated.  I hope you will all consider coming. Thanks. 


Jared Kitchen and Emily Thompson

Jared Kitchen

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