Fri 2nd Nov - Sun 4th Nov, 2018

Ty Powdwr - Bonfire Meet

Daniel O'Brien

Members: Dan O’Brien, Tim Howarth, Bob Milward, Colin Maddison.
Guests: A multitude of hardy souls from the SUMC on a wet and windy hike

Bonfire meet this year was a victim of some absolutely appalling weather.  Although Tim managed to get some climbing done on a sneaky Friday afternoon at Clogwyn Cyrau above Betws-y-Coed by the time the rest of us arrived the rain had set in.

Saturday dawned dry but with clear evidence of overnight downpours.  We decided to join some friends from the Salford University Mountaineering Club in a hike from Bryn Glo through Capel Curig to Llyn Cowlyd.  As we left the road the rain started. It did not stop.  The wind got up and, as we traversed the side of the lake and the driving rain forced its way into every gap.  Soaked to the skin and running out of time, Dan abandoned the hike at the dam and made the terrible decision to walk back.  The rain that had been driving at his back for the first half of the walk was now lashing his face as his elderly waterproof trousers (only a year younger than one of the other hikers!) gave up.

Tim and Bob continued with the group into the forest above Capel.  As the walk passed the 8 mile mark Bob asked exactly how long this 6 mile walk was going to be.  Sam estimated 12 miles.  The walk through the forest was soggy but thankfully out of the wind.  The group arrived at the Bryn Brethynau Barn where they stopped for a brew to warm up before heading down to the cars and back to Ty Powdwr.

Back at Ty Powdwr Bob and Time discovered Colin Maddison.  The weather was still too awful to contemplate a bonfire.  The next morning outdoor activities were stymied by the fact that the heater in the drying room had packed in (it has since been repaired).

Daniel O'Brien

Meet Promo:

Remember, remember it's the bonfire meet at Ty Powdwr this weekend.

In the day, your time is your own.  I'll be hoping to get out climbing in some crisp, cool late-autumn sunshine.

On the saturday night we'll have a bonfire.  If you're coming along and have wood you want rid of then bring it and we'll give it a good send off.

All the best, Dan

Daniel O'Brien

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