Fri 7th Dec - Sun 9th Dec, 2018

Ty Powdwr - Christmas Bash

Emily Pitts

There will be food. Lots of it. And it will be tasty.

There will be merriment. Lots of it. And it will be fun.

There will be outdoors escapades. Lots of it. And it will be entertaining.

Join us for the annual festivities, where club members, newcomers, friends and family are welcomed to the glorious KMC hut for a weekend of warm and engaging celebrations. Come for the weekend or the day, the choice is yours. Dave Shotton will prepare the usual mulled wine for a pre-meal tipple – bring a bottle to add into the mix if you have some spare.

A hand-prepared, delicious three course menu is outlined below. Yum yum. Don't miss out!!

Cost – around £15. Fruit and veg will be sourced from independent producers, to support local business.




Mulled Wine

* * *

Vegetable Soup (Ve)

Garlic Prawns

Served with crusty bread

* * *

Chicken, Broccoli & Leek Pie

Vegetable Pie (V)

Served with:

Aromatic Rice (Ve)

Apricot & Quinoa Salad (Ve)

Tomato, Basil & Mozarella Salad (V)

Salad Leaves (Ve)

Tomato Salsa (Ve)

* * *

Chocolate Fudge Cake (V)

Lemon & Orange Cheesecake (V)

Apple Crumble (V)

served with: 

Cream, Custard, Chocolate Sauce (V)

* * * 

Cheese & Biscuits (V)

* * *

Coffee, Tea, Herbal Teas, Mints (V)




If you want to come along, let meet leaders know by 1st December by emailing: and put yourself on the ‘Add Me’ on the website, please.

Emily Pitts

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