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Yorkshire Walk

Sat 24th Feb, 2018

Keith Williams / Iain McCallum

 MembersPresent: Iain McCallum, Chris Thickett, Keith Williams (meet leader)

 Guests – none


Despite the promise of dry, sunny, weather only three members managed to attend this meet, though to be fair to Dave Shotton, he would have been there also if he could have got a lift. In the event, this was the first outing in about two months when we had not been blighted by mud – at least until the last half-hour by which time the sun had melted the top few centimetres of permafrost.

Otherwise this was a pleasant winter walk – a bit of a cool breeze that’s true – with big skies, fine views and plenty of time to savour them in. With huge self-denial we refrained from visiting the fleshpots of Malham instead turning back at Langscar. With the wind now behind us and the frequency of walkers in shorts increasing we were soon in Attermire Bottoms and heading back up to Victoria Cave before descending to Langcliffe.

Keith Williams

Meet Promo

Meet/Start: 9.45am for 10.00am at Langcliffe village car park (SD 8231 6510).  


Short version:
Arncliffe road NE out of village. Pennine Bridleway to SD 8813 6490. SW across Grizedales to meet the Stockdales bridleway at SD 8743 6397 then W to SD 8474 6380 where the Dales High Way branches right past Attermire and Victoria Caves back to the PBW and Langcliffe road.

Distance: 9.6 miles.
Ascent: 1600 feet.


Longer version:
From the point where the Grizedales path leaves the PBW (SD 8813 6490) continue E across the Malham road to the head of The Watlowes. Take a choice of paths down into Malham village where there is a choice of pubs (Lister Arms recommended). The route leaves Malham by Long Lane taking the fork past Burns Barn to rejoin the Stockdale bridle way at SD 8781 6400 and then as per shorter route above.

Distance: 13.6 miles.
Ascent: 2600 feet.


This is a Saturday meet. Please try to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum by sharing as the available parking space in Langcliffe is limited. (That’s apart from the small matter of pollution.)

Keith Williams

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