Wed 20th Jun, 2018


Classic venue with an abundance of lower grade routes, ideal for a summer evening...
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Members: Emily Pitts, Gowry Sisupalan, Jack Buzcko, Mark Ashley

Guests: Adam McCudden (Prefers to be known as Andy) John Smallwood, Ged Farmer

Wow, it was windy. Unbelievable that it will shortly be midsummer - down jackets and windproofs at the ready while we all froze on the belay.  The upside – no midge attack! 

Adam (aka Andy) and Ged, prospectives, threw down the gauntlet with their pronouncement:

“The most routes we’ve done here in a night is 22”.

Right….. that’s quite a target Karabiners!

This time it was not exceeded (apparently thanks to Ged’s faffing and nothing to do with Adam AKA Andy).  They did get into double figures, which is still good going; not listing them all, but they were all Vdiff to VS. Much fun.

Gowry led High Buttress Arete, boldly taking the direct top-out over the overhang.

She also led the Medicine and one other, being photographed by our photographer in residence for the evening, Paul Evans.

With Gowry as belayer, I led a couple of Diffs/Vdiffs (Middle and Leg), followed by Green Crack (S 4a), which although polished for feet, was a fantastic outing – felt nice and airy. After a series of nasty post-climbing migraines in recent months, I was ecstatic to get away safely this evening.

John got to put his gear to use and led a good number of diffs and Vdiffs.

Mark seconded quite a number of funtime routes on the end of different people’s rope: North Buttress Arete, The struggle amongst others and led High Buttress Arete.

Jack led the Struggle, Green Crack and tested out North Buttress Arete Direct, but decided today wasn’t the day for this particular lead.

Paul, Gowry and I finished off with some lovely, friendly, grippy soloing of Mods along the crag.

The wind finally beat us and we retreated to the Swan. Chilly, but rewarding evening of climbing.

Next week: imagine the worst sports crag possible and then take it down a notch.  Luckily, Harper Hill was voted out before it even got into the offing. Next up, Horseshoe Quarry, next up Bamford, Rob’s Rocks. With Rob’s being eliminated first and Bamford next, Horseshoe won out for next week.

**There may have been a couple of other attendees who I missed, so if that is so, email me at and I will add on your Windgather adventures.**

Emily Pitts

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