Fri 4th Oct - Sun 6th Oct, 2019

Working meet - KMC movie night

Jared Kitchen

Emily Thompson


Ty Powdr Needs YOU!


Our beautiful club hut is in need of some TLC! Without the love and attention of our loyal members the club hut would be, well, like ‘a hut’ in the ‘traditional sense’. The implication being that the members who volunteer on working meets make our club hut better. We love those guys! 


There are many tasks to complete and we need a full and diverse skill set in our workers. That means that everybody needs to come and help out during the day. In return we will feed you up, and entertain you in the evening. The weekend itinerary is as follows:




Rock up. Have some dinner (tea?) and a beer. Talk to your friends about how great your life is. 



Work a bit. Have a tea break. Work a bit. Have lunch. Work a bit. Have dinner. Rest a bit. THEN: Watch amazing climbing movies on a big screen while the meet leaders feed you popcorn, cake and nice beverages!



Have breakfast. Go climbing. FIN.


In honesty, the hut relies on good samaritans in the membership to be looked after. If you decide to come it will be very much appreciated, and we will do our best to make sure you know that. Thanks everyone.


PS: Two new movies this year!! Better bring an extra cake…

Emily Thompson

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