Wed 5th Jun, 2019

Helsby Hill

Members: Jared Kitchen, Emily Pitts, Dave Whiley

Prospectives: Tor Pitts, Paul Lonsdale, Fergal McCullough, Matt Mitchell, Mark Bland


Jared arrived early and was practicing some crevasse rescue systems when Dave arrived. Jared abandoned the ropework for climbing and thought that a go on the bold Three Notch Slab would be a good warm up. Jared is, however, a big old wimp and opted to down climb half the route rather than run it out. Instead he headed over to the steeper section of Rake Wall, where he swiftly put ropes on bollted belays of Sunset crack (VS) and The Popple (HVS). 

While Jared was working, a fine list of attendees arrived. Firstly everyone went up Sunset Crack, then everyone had a good go at The Popple. It was the mighty Emily P who succeeded! Good effort: It's definitly worth it at HVS!!  

In the interim, Matt Mitchell was keen to get leading and took Paul out for a few sends. Firstly dealing with Avalanche Crack (VD), he then heading over to the Long wall for a go at Elderberry Slab (VD). Jared thought the Long wall looked good too, and headed over for a send of Palais Glide (VS), leaving the rope on the bolted belay for the others to have a go. 

Everyone had a pleasent evening in the quarry and it was a good consolation for a wet Helsby Hill. Helsby will have to wait until next year now, but I'm not complaining, I think we had a great evening anyway. See you next week guys.



Jared Kitchen

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UPDATE: Den Lane Quarry 

The rain yesterday means that Helsby Hill is not good today. The crag aslo has some bird restrictions right now. The forcast is however dry! So lets go climbing...The new crag for tonights meet is Den Lane Quarry in Uppermill. It's a great grit stone venue that has the benefit of bolted belays! Its like trad climbing with a sport climb lower off and is great for both leading and top roping There is bouldering there too.  Details can be found here:


The crag is low down and only seconds form the road. It is also very close to the pubs in Uppermill and perfect for the cloudy and breezy conditions this evening. I'll aim to be at the crag for 5.30. I hope you all join me. See you soon.  


Helsby Hill

The crown of Cheshire sandstone! The crag stands blatantly above the M56 looking ominous, and is often ignored as climbers whiz by on their way to the North Wales. However, the crag is rumoured to possess a large number of high quality routes on compact, clean sandstone. I've never been there, but if the climbing is as good as neighbouring Frodsham and Frogsmouth, if is definitely worth the visit! I'm psyched, I hope you will all join me. Details can be found here:


We will aim to be at the crag for 6pm but its normal for people to arrive earlier. Check scribble for updates and send me any questions that you have. Please note that if the weather has been wet approaching this meet, we may have to change venue. This is because sandstone is porous and becomes weaker after rain. I'll keep everyone updated. See you at the crag!


Jared Kitchen, KMC Outdoor Meets Secretary,   

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