Sun 12th Jan, 2020

Lancashire Fell Run

Duncan Lee

KMC runners: Craig Marsden, Roger Mapleson, Liam Brady, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie and Duncan Lee.

KMC/Wild trail Manchester runner: Max Driscoll plus 11 other runners from WTM.

KMC walkers: Vicky Lee, Heather Driscoll and Kieran Lee.

   An over-night deluge continued right up until about 5 minutes before 18 keen souls set off from Cloughhead, thus conditions underfoot were damp and slippery to say the least. Craig “why am I wearing my third best pair of fell shoes” was the first to end up on his backside, nearly taking me out in the process.  Thankfully I managed to sidestep his prone body and lead the way onwards to the Grane Road as Roge and Michelle chatted away at the back. We regrouped at the road before heading on past Haslingden Grane and up to Musberry Heights where once again we all caught up, had a bite to eat and took in the misty view.

   Suitably refreshed we followed the Rossendale Way around to the back of Tor Hill from where we took the top path into the Arden Valley where we should have regrouped but instead continued up to the shelter of a wall . It was somewhere along this section that the back half of the pack took a wrong turn and headed up towards Bull Hill. In true KMC style we all blamed Michelle! After a phone call to Max and a bit of a detour we were all back together again for the descent into Helmshore.  After that, with Max leading the way, we made a point of regrouping more frequently as we headed past Holden Wood into Mary’s Wood then Troy Quarry and back onto the Rossendale Way where we were met by Vicky, Heb, Kieran and Rory the puppy for the last bit back to the car park and the cafe for a much needed brew.

  Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped to make it a very pleasant social jaunt.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

Meet at Clough Head car park (gr 752 232) off the B6232 for a 10.30am start.

The plan is for a fairly gentle pack run starting and finishing at the free car park and it’s highly convenient cafe. The main run will be somewhere in the region of 10-12 miles looping out past Haslingden Grane , Musbury Heights and Tor Hill but can be shortened if so desired or if the weather turns truly foul on the day. Either way, tea and cake at the cafe is my plan once back off the hill.

For those still suffering flash backs to Craig’s mud fest of a fell race 5 years ago, please note I intend to stay mainly on footpaths because this is being organised as a joint meet with a Manchester Trail running group but some mud will be involved.

Duncan Lee

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