Sun 13th Dec, 2020

Local Wintry Walk

Al Metelko

Members: Trish Cranston, Al Metelko.

The forecast for nearly a week was not the best. And waking up to lashings of rain against the bedroom window was no incentive to head out to this meet. Unfortunately, it is the duty of a meet leader to be on their meet. There was a lull in the weather on arrival at Walkers Fold car park and there was no-one I recognised there. So, on the dot at a quarter to ten we set off on the low-level section of the route to Wilton. A slight detour north of the quarries was required because of the red flags and we took the path up to Whimberry Hill then on towards Dean Mills reservoir. As it was still fairly dry we came across an unmarked path that looks like it follows the county boundary up to Winter Hill. Well, the weather soon changed, driving rain and mist had us abandoning the walk short of Counting Hill and we took a bearing to the reservoir. On reaching the reservoir we headed back to the car park on good, very slippy and extremely muddy paths. Having carried a flask of coffee for around 6 miles the best place to drink it was in the car!

Al Metelko

Meet Promo:

Was to be Mid-Wales Walk but rather than cancel the meet it will be a local walk.

Meet up time: 09:30

Meeting point: Walker Fold Car Park (SD 676 122)

This walk will be around 8 miles.

Please note as Greater Manchester is under tier 3 corvid restrictions, maximum group size is (rule of) 6 and a minimum of 2 meters, social distancing, between members of different households should be observed. Should there be more than 6 on the meet then the attendees will be split into independent groups. It is therefore important that you bring maps of the area around Bolton and have appropriate navigation equipment as I can only be in one group.

Al Metelko

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