Sun 5th Apr, 2020

Cancelled - The KMC Navigation Race

Jared Kitchen

The KMC Navigation Race



The KMC navigation race is a orienteering race in the spectacular hills surrounding the village of Marsden, Colne Valley, West Yorkshire. Hidden in them hills are 10 orienteering controls that need to be found. The participants may (or may not) need to navigate around 20km of trails to find all the controls, but only have 5 hours to do it!

The race will begin at 12pm at the Riverhead Brewery Tap on Marden high street, Sunday 5th April. Participants will be awarded points for each control they find, and will receive more points for being fast, but they must return by 5pm before they start losing them.

Afterwards the race, we have reserved tables the Riverhead for Sunday tea. The food is homemade and really good, and the beer is brewed locally (I mean down-the-stairs! You can see them doing it!). I’ll tot up the scores during tea, and prizes will be awarded for the winners!  


  • Start at 12pm on the 05/04/2020 at the Riverhead Brewery Tap in Marsden. It’s best to arrive a little earlier, or if you want to run the race, why not arrive later?
  • Marsden is easily accessed by train. From Manchester Victoria it only takes about 20 mins. Please let me know if you need some advice.
  • Marsden is on the very edge of of the map so I’m going to print maps for everyone. Make sure you bring a compass though!
  • It may be wet and muddy! Please come prepared for the prevailing conditions.
  • Please let me know if you are coming and importantly, if you are staying for food afterwards. It would be good to have rough numbers for the reservation. Main meals are all around £10 and are generous, all the beer is all local and very good.

I really hope that you all consider coming. It'll be a fun day of adventure, with some good food and company afterwards. See you all soon.  

Jared Kitchen

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Jared Kitchen
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