Sun 9th Aug, 2020

High Stoney Bank Yorkshire Dales

Steven Lopacki

We'll be meeting near the tree and cattle between 11-1130 on Sunday

Come and join us at high stoney bank! 

A secluded, picturesque gorge-ous limestone venue It's sport climbing with a wide selection of routes from fun and easy to daring and difficult and even a few trad routes. 

The adventure begins with a walk in across the top of the dales over exposed broken limestone, playing "the floor is lava" is optional but highly recommend, you then descend into the hidden valley of stoney bank, where you'll be greeted by the cool and inviting stream and the imposing sheer wall! 

The stream will be even more inviting after a day of climbing when a brief paddle in cool water will set you up for walk back to the car!

Steven Lopacki

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