Sun 3rd Oct, 2021

Broadbottom (and beyond) esoterica

Gareth Williams

This meet is a chance to make climbing history exploring three esoteric crags around the Broadbottom area. Most club members will not have climbed at any of these crags before, let alone all three. I doubt anyone in the world has climbed at all three on the same day, so this is your opportunity for a world climbing first! I’ll keep the venues a mystery to add to the excitement of the day (and to make sure no one snatches that world first from us). The walk will start around 9am at Broadbottom railway station (large, free car park) and finish there too. Taking in the first two crags only (and back to Broadbottom railway station) will be around 12km walking, to tick all 3 will be around 18km. Remember these crags are esoteric for a reason, but if you keep that in mind you will be pleasantly surprised at the climbing you get to do. Even if you aren't impressed with the climbing, it's a great walk -- and there’s a pub very close to the third and final crag. Exact start time to be confirmed nearer the date to account for train times – seeing as we start and end at a railway station, why not make the journey by train?

Gareth Williams

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