Sun 5th Dec, 2021

Winters walk

Al Metelko

Present: Christine Beeston, John Castick, Dave Dillon, Roger Dyke, Mark Garrod, Kate Harvey, Michelle Harvie, Craig Marsden, Sue Marsden, Al Metelko, Brian Tarnowski, Dave Wylie.


Not the kind of walk I like but I thought it was time to look to the southwest of Manchester. I have to say it was a bit of a surprise to see this many members on what turned out to be a trudge over muddy farmland, fords (x2) and prickly stiles in deepest Cheshire...

Having never been to the advertised car park before it was somewhat embarrassing not finding the way out of it. Indeed, going back on oneself seemed to become the theme of the walk which also resulted in crossing a ford twice and not following the planned route exactly! However, in my defence, Officer, some of the paths were non-existent.

The route took a circular course around Little Budworth Country Park and from the north end we walked eastwards to Little Budworth Pool (possible swim venue), then through Little Budworth itself and on to the southern end of Oulton racetrack where we had a pleasant lunch in a wood sitting on large fallen tree trunks.

After the break we continued over fields and roads passing Oak Tree Farm, Darley Hall and back to the cars in the country park. Distance of just over 8 miles. Thank you attendees, it was great to see you.

Al Metelko

Meet Promo:

As mid-winter approaches and we are short on daylight, on offer is a short walk in central Cheshire.

Walk starts and finishes in Little Budworth Country Park (which contains some rare lowland heath) and explores the countryside around the village of Little Budworth.

Meet up time: 09:30

Meeting point: Coach Road car park (SJ 590 655)

This an easy all weather walk of around 8 miles.

Al Metelko

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