Sat 17th Apr, 2021

Bouldering (and trad too if you want): Brimham Rocks

Jared Kitchen

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Brimham Rocks


Brimham rocks is the best bouldering venue in northern england; purhaps even all of the UK. Like a mini Fontainebleau the rounded forest of giant rocks grows from the earth, creating rock sculptures and amazing climbing in every direction one happens to look. April is the best time to visit too: It is cool enough for the natural grit to be at its best, but the early season sun is warm and pleasent within the shelter or the rocks. There is also a good amount of trad here too, and if climbing is not your thing, Brimham is just as nice for a walk and picnic. Details can be found here:


Brimham rocks is a National Trust site and parking is paid for. It can also be busy in the main areas with touristy types, so please consider this when deciding to attend. The meet will begin around 10 am. I'll be in the carpark. Hope to see you all there. 


Jared Kitchen, KMC Outdoor Meets Secretary,


The KMC are running this meet in accordance to government and local Covid -19 restrictions. It is mandaory to contact the meet leader or Outdoor Meets Secretary before attending this meet. Thank you.



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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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James Meakin
Gowry Sisupalan
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