Sat 19th Feb - Sat 26th Feb, 2022

Norwegian Ice

Craig Marsden

Hemsedal 2022 - Ice climbing in Norway.

Hemsedal lies in the Buskerud region of Norway 200 km to the North West of Oslo, Hemsedal has over 100 routes within easy driving distance with a spread in grades between WI3 and WI6 with routes ranging from 30m to 250m for Ice routes and up to 500m for mixed routes.
When you arrive in Hemsedal almost the first thing you will see is Hyndeffosen which ‘holds the position of one of the Nations classics’.

The climbing in Hemsedal has an adventurous feel with the possibility of climbing classic routes without seeing another person.

The Hemsedal ski centre has 21 lifts, 53 downhill runs; 800m vertical drop, 120km x-country tracks.

We’ll be flying out Sunday 20th February and returning on the following Sunday 27th February, which gives six full days climbing. Flights are Ryanair from Manchester to Oslo Torp (details below). From there we pick up hire cars for an approx 4 hour drive north west to Hemsedal.

We have accommodation booked in a cabin in the Grondalen valley, some 5 miles from the main centre and in easy reach of some of classic climbs of the area.

This meet is ideally suited if you have some experience of front pointing on ice to WI3 or above have a pair of B3 boots, modern axes and some Ice screws are also essential.

If you are interested and unsure about how your current level of experience of easier Alpine or Scottish mountaineering translates, please give Craig Marsden, Colin Maddison or Andy Stratford a call for a chat in person.



Hemsedal Ice – 2012 (Topptur Sport AS)

ISBN: 978-82-303-2071-6


For further advice and information please speak to Craig, Colin or Andy.

This meet is open for bookings strictly for Members and Associate members.

Craig Marsden

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