Fri 9th Dec - Sun 11th Dec, 2022

Ty Powdwr - KMC Xmas bash

Christine Beeston

KMC Xmas Bash 2022

Members:  Christine Beeston, Neil Boynton, Heather Driscoll, Joe Dugdale, Steve Graham, Michelle Harrison, Emily Hulley, Jared Kitchen, Philippa Maye, Greg Nunn, Lester Payne, Emily Pitts, Dave Rainsbury, Mark Rothwell, Gowry Sisupalan, Jim Symon, Emily Thompson, Ann Waters, Steve Waters, Dave Wylie.  (With brief guest appearance by Andy Stratford, who couldn’t stay for dinner)

Prospective members: Jessica Pealing.

Guests: George Sisupalan, Isabella and Raman Sisupalan, Jemma and Ged Waters, Fabian and Iona Hulley

Highlights:  Snow fell on Friday evening, making the track rather slippery and compacted by the time everyone had arrived.  Joe had to temporarily abandon his car at the bottom of the hill in Deniolen, but managed to fetch it later.  There were some shenanigans getting everyone’s car out again at the end of the meet, but we all made it in the end, and the snow made the views very Christmassy!

Christine arrived at the hut to find the Christmas tree already hanging upside-down from the kitchen ceiling, Ann making huge vats of Bolognese sauce, and a very intense discussion on the relative merits of various ice axes going on. 

On Saturday everyone headed off to enjoy the lovely crisp sunny day, quite a big team taking various routes around Bristly Ridge and the Gribin, others doing shorter walks via teashops.  Later the temperature dropped again – Heather had to park at the bus stop, and managed to skate her way to the hut carrying two large boxes of soup!

Despite the intriguing Mystery Piles of Cardboard in the lounge, staying outdoors proved more tempting than playing games, and the Bristly Ridge team arrived back just in time for some mulled wine and mince pies in the lounge, followed by dinner. 

Thanks to all who helped cater – especially Philippa for making sure it was all cooked on time (sadly the 1950s Castick Heirloom Microwave gave up the ghost that evening), Heather with her two delicious soups, Jessica (still a prospective member, please join!) for her excellent lasagne and Philippa, Dave R and Michelle for bringing such a wonderful selection of puddings. 

After dinner there had been a vague plan of dancing, but we were all too happily full, and spent the evening chatting, drinking and playing board games with our younger guests.

We really enjoyed the weekend and hope everyone else did too – it was lovely to have a nice full hut and celebrate Christmas with you all.

Happy New Year

Christine and Ann

Christine Beeston

Meet Promo:

**** 32 people booked so far, 3 places in the hut left (capacity 35) - we can squeeze a few more in (especially if you camp) but email us ASAP !!! ****

We are excited to invite you to the KMC xmas bash - a cheery mishmash of playing outdoors, mulled wine, mince pies, games, lots of food with friends, and hopefully dancing!  

We have a provisional menu for Saturday night including starter, veg/meat main, with salads and of course sprouts, a selection of puddings, custard, cheese and biscuits, coffee/tea and chocolates.

However in a return to the "everyone brings a dish and we all tuck in to a completely random and delicious plate of food, then have it all again for breakfast" style which was traditional many years ago, we are looking for a few volunteers to bring food - this could be your killer pudding, favourite soup, signature veggie lasagne, anything!  

All are welcome (with or without food) - if you are coming along, please email Christine Beeston and Ann Waters, and let us know whether you want a meaty/veg/vegan meal, whether you have any dietary restrictions and if you have a dish you'd like to offer!

The cost will be £15, any profit will go to mountain rescue.  Please arrange to pay Ann or Christine on booking.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there!  

Christine Beeston and Ann Waters

Christine Beeston

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