Sat 11th Feb - Sun 19th Feb, 2023

Norwegian Ice - FULLY BOOKED

Andy Stratford

Gareth Williams

BOOKING: Required.
Please contact the meet leader or the club.



Norway 2023 - Rjukan and Hemsedal - Ice climbing (and skiing) in Norway.

"Imagine a place with more than 150 waterfalls, almost all of which have easy access and a stable climate that guarantees long periods of cold weather. Add a local population that welcomes visiting ice climbers, a dramatic World War II history and great skiing on offer for 'rest days' and this is not just a place to dream about - it is Rjukan." (Heavy Water - Ice Climbing in Rjukan - Rockfax 2005)

This year we have a split trip: Rjukan first then onto Hemsedal.

This meet is open for bookings strictly for Members and Associate members only – prospective members and guests cannot book on this meet.




If you are interested in climbing, recommended experience levels are:

  • for Rjukan: basic winter skills (eg a Scottish course) and ideally some experience of using 2 axes and front-pointing on ice
  • for Hemsedal: being comfortable leading multi-pitch water ice Grade 3 (or above).

Call for a chat if you want to explore what might work best for you.

The first 3 or 4 days offer a chance to do some relatively(!) easier climbing at Rjukan before some members will move onto the generally less well-travelled waterfalls in Hemsedal, which require a higher level of experience.

We do not provide any formal teaching but a few of us with more experience would be more than happy to show newer folk around on the first day or two. With the right degree of care, Rjukan can offer a good training ground for ice climbing as there are a few areas suitable for top roping and some shorter, easier single-pitch climbs on which to hone technique. There are also opportunities to hire an instructor in Rjukan for a day or two of formal tuition. Just to be clear that Rjukan also offers many brilliant harder climbs too, it’s certainly not all easy and not all ‘’ice cragging’’. Look at some of the previous KMC Norway meet reports and photos.  There are also options for skiing (downhill or cross-country).

Ideally you will have a partner in mind, but if you are looking to partner up, please do get in touch and we can try and assist.

Draft Schedule – February 2023

Sat 11th . Travel Mcr – Oslo. Drive to Rjukan. Check in Accom Rjukan.

Sun 12th. Climb Rjukan. Accom Rjukan.

Mon 13th. Climb Rjukan. Accom Rjukan.

Tues 14th. Climb Rjukan. Accom Rjukan.

Weds 15th. Check out Accom Rjukan. Climb Rjukan OR Climb Hemsedal. Check in Accom Hemsedal

Thur 16th. Climb Hemsedal. Accom Hemsedal

Fri 17th. Climb Hemsedal. Accom Hemsedal

Sat 18th. Climb Hemsedal. Accom Hemsedal

Sun 19th. Check out. Drive to Oslo. Fly to MCR.

Flights (Ryan air):

Saturday 11th Feb: Manchester (MAN) to Oslo (TRF) - dep. 08:00 arr. 10:45

Sunday 19th Feb: Oslo (TRF) to Manchester (MAN) - dep. 14.05 arr. 15.10


We have booked accommodation at the centrally located Rjukan Hytteby, please let us know if you would like a place Some members may wish to stay on at Rjukan if you felt that would suit your experience level better, in which case please make your own arrangements for accommodation for the second half of the week. Another alternative is just to have a four day trip.


B3 boots are essential and ideally C3 crampons with vertical front points (mono or asymmetric, or dual all work OK). 

Modern technical axes make life a LOT easier – try spring or clipper leashes before going leashless.

....and you’ll need a few modern ice screws too! Plus the obvious harness, half-rope and helmet is essential

A big down jacket, dextrous gloves for climbing and thick gloves or mitts to belay

Perhaps the most essential component is a fair degree of fitness and determination.

If you want advice on the kit then any of us who have been a fair bit -  Andy S, Gareth, Stuart, Adam M, Stevie, Colin, Craig, Jared, Emily, Jim can all offer (conflicting!) opinions on various sharp bits of metal…..


Rjukan Cabin shared between 4 or 5 people approx 130 - 150 GBP pp

Hemsedal Cabin shared between 4 or 5 people approx. 150 GBP pp

Car Hire / tolls and Fuel between 3 or 4 people approx. 130 - 150 GBP pp.

Flights - whatever they cost at the time but return flights including luggage can often be obtained for between 80 and 110 GBP for each leg. Budget say 220 GBP total

Food – mostly cooking in, a couple meals out allow 20 GBP per day Total 9 days 180GBP

Drink – Alcohol tax is substantial – check out prices and allow what you want.

Insurance – AACUK membership is annual and covers ice climbing. 50 GBP 

Realistic costs should max at £900 GBP for all eight nights away



Heavy Water - Ice Climbing in Rjukan Norway (Rockfax 2005)

Hemsedal Ice 2012

Other websites:

For a flavour of what you can expect, search under Norway in the picture gallery or see previous meet reports in September 2009, January 2009 and March 2012 to 2015 Newsletters.

Andy Stratford

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Stevie G
Craig Marsden
Adam McCudden
Jim Symon
Emily Thompson
Jared Kitchen
Ged Farmer
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