Sun 5th Feb, 2023

Kinder Klamber

David Rainsbury

Kinder Klamber
We gathered in the layby off the A624 between Hayfield and Glossop and were ready to set out bang on 0930. This was a new approach to Kinder for most of the group. Its advantages are that it is very accessible from the direction of Manchester (and Liverpool for me), there is almost always plenty parking space and starting at the top of the hill it takes off a chunk of the usual climb.
Nineteen participants including one prospective member was a very pleasing turnout and we paused at the top of Mill Hill for a breather and to take in the fantastic view on this beautiful morning. Heads counted and view admired we continued across the heads of Ashop and William Cloughs to climb onto the end of the Kinder Plateau. The going was rough but reasonably dry and we paused for a drink at the top of Upper Red Brook. This is where the Klamber came into the plan and, to the consternation of one or two we descended steeply, losing about 300ft of hard won height in order to take the rough sheep track to Nether Red Brook just so we could scramble back up again.
It wasn’t a difficult scramble but verglas on rocks  in the stream bed meant it called for care. It was great fun. February used to see the gullies on this North facing slope choked with ice. Sadly, my new set of Petzl Quark ice tools will have to wait for the Waters Cottage meet in a couple of weeks.
With everyone safely at the top we stopped for lunch before continuing to Fairbrook Naze. A compass leg took us across the featureless plateau to Kinder Gates (bearing 220deg Mag). From here it was a gentle paddle in the shallow water of the River Kinder to the Downfall and another brew stop to admire another fantastic view in bright spring like weather before turning towards our start point at Chunal Summit, which we reached at about 1530. This left enough time to enjoy a pint in the Globe in Glossop before heading home.
Compliments on the choice of route added to the satisfaction gained from the happy smiles at the end of the day.
To see the planned route look on the Ordnance Survey app and for “Kinder Klamber” in routes from Chunal Summit.


David Rainsbury

Meet Promo:

A walk on the more remote side of Kinder with the opportunity for some fine scrambles (optional)

Meet 0900 (for 0930 start) at the layby at Chunal summit on the A624 between Glossop and Hayfield. Mill Hill via Harry Hut and then onto the Northern Edge of the Kinder Plateau taking in Nether Red Brook and Fairbrook before crossing to Kinder Gates to return via the Downfall and Sandy Heys.

Fun, both type one and type two, is guaranteed. See you there.


David Rainsbury

A pause at Kinder Downfall (David Rainsbury)
A Klamber up Nether Red Brook (David Rainsbury)
Ice made some scramble moves tricky (David Rainsbury)
The group heads up into Nether Red Brook (David Rainsbury)
The climb up the brook was quite strenuous. (David Rainsbury)
Interesting rock formations on the North Edge of Kinder.  Plus Andy. (David Rainsbury)

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