Sun 19th Mar, 2023

Kinder/Edale walk/run/climb

Caroline Gay

Existential questions resolved today: whether the government is testing emergency mobile phone alerts that sound like a siren (apparently yes, and not even on 1st April), whether Ringing Roger is a grade 2 scramble (only if you squint very hard) and how chatGPT will impact society (if we told you we'd have to kill you).


Apart from that, a delightful stroll was had from Edale up Ringing Roger and along the Kinder plateau to survey the Edale Valley from Grindslow Knoll. Full of the joys of spring it was too, beautiful sunshine, gambolling lambs. We survived the boot sucking Quagmire of Doom at the Woolpacks to head back down via Jacob's Ladder.


Thanks to Dave W, Roger D, Will and Anna for a lovely walk.



Caroline Gay

Meet Promo:

A Grand Day Out from Edale


Meet 09:30 by the Penny Pot Café, Edale.


Walk: a 10.5 mile / 17k loop up Ringing Roger, over to Blackden, take in the views from Grindslow Knoll, Crowden Tower and the Woolpacks before returning via Jacob's Ladder. Optional easy scrambles en route. Great views of Grindsbrook (weather permitting).


Run: if you fancy running, the loop of the plateau is about 25k or cut across to Blackden to make it 22k. (I'm going to do the walk/scramble so bring a map for this option - Caroline).


Potential to meet up in the cafe or pub after!


Parking: Pay and Display by the village hall (Water Meadows, Hope Rd, Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZQ) £6


Trains: 08:45 from Piccadilly (Marple 09:06 New Mills 09:13) gets to Edale at 09:29.



Caroline Gay

Will on Ringing Roger (Caroline Gay)
Dave tackles the Crowden Chimney Conundrum (Caroline Gay)
Dave swallowed by the Crowden Chimney (Caroline Gay)
At the top of Ringing Roger (Caroline Gay)

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